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Timeline for Facebook Business Pages – Get it Now!

Better Business Branding on Facebook

It is now available as you can see on our web design company Facebook pageAn alert popped that Timeline was available yesterday, so of course we adopted!  The timeline is so much more attractive of a layout, particularly given the increase width of the business profile header images.  From a business branding standpoint we have to thank Facebook for the improved look and feel.

How do I get My Business Facebook Timeline?

Simple!  Go to your page when logged in as an admin and you should get the image you see below (click for larger image) – then click preview.  You will be greeted with the option to see and customize your timeline appearance.

You Will Probably Need Custom Facebook Timeline Graphics

This is where you may run into trouble with the look and feel of the whole thing as the format for the graphics is most likely far different than what you are used to… We have already written a post on 4 Tips on Designing Your Facebook Business Page Timeline Graphics that will hopefully prepare you – or help you understand what needs to be done to get the switch done right.  We advise against making the switch prematurely as it can make your business Facebook page look worse – if you don’t have the right custom Business Facebook Timeline Graphics – which we are happy to help with if needed.

Once you make the transition you won’t have to look far to see how relatively unattractive the old profile pages were – but the full switch on all pages is just a short 30 days away!